Hydroponic Extractor Fans

FANcy that! custom manufacture extractor fans suitable for grow rooms and greenhouses of any size. Since you are buying direct from the manufacturer you get fans made to your exact requirements at the best price.

FANcy that! Also Supply
  • Grow Lights / Accessories
  • Hydroponic Fan Accessories
  • Ducting (all types)
  • Carbon Filters (all sizes)
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FANcy that! Hydroponic Fans / Lighting Kits

FANcy that! manufactures hydroponic fans (hydroponics extractor fans) for indoor grow rooms. We supply industrial quality air extraction equipment for any size of grow-room or greenhouse. Whether you need a hydroponic starter kit to experiment with a small grow room or if you require a hydroponic fan solution for larger scale or commercial indoor horticulture, we can cater for your needs. Since we manufacture our own acoustic box extractor fans to your requirements, we can usually supply large or small hydroponic systems at better prices than our competitors while assuring the quality of the equipment we make. We also carry a range of associated hydroponic supplies.

We Supply:

  • Hydroponic extractor fans (any capacity)
  • Hydroponic fan accessories and spares
  • Ducting and ports
  • Grow Lights
  • Hydroponic lighting spares

Bespoke Hydroponic Fans And Air Extractors

FANcy that! supply acoustically suppressed fans in a variety of standard sizes with one or two inlets. We can also supply hydroponic extractor fan systems with any quantity of inlets and outlets of any diameter and size. If you need to replace a broken fan system in your existing indoor garden, we can make a replacement fan system that matches the number of inlets and outlets exactly so it will slot right into place with minimal fuss and delay.

We use wooden boxes for a natural finish and low noise characteristic and can make these to suit any size of growing space. We manufacture and supply direct which means you save money by cutting out the middle-man. You could pay a retailer to supply you with a European made fan, but why waste money paying a middleman for a standard off the shelf product imported from overseas? We supply high quality commercial grade fans, completely bespoke and direct to you at the best possible factory price.

Air Cooled Hydroponic Lights

We also supply air cooled grow lights to ensure that whatever the size of your grow-room, your lighting solution need not add a heat problem to the space. With ducts running direct from your light housing to the extractor fan, ambient temperatures need never run to unacceptably high and damaging levels.

Indoor Or Outbuilding Fans And Supplementary Lighting

Our hydroponic lights and extractor fan solutions are as capable sited in indoor growrooms, external outbuildings, greenhouses or in a polytunnel. If you have a problem with summer heat build-up in your greenhouse or growing room, you will find that or hydroponic fans and lamps will cope regardless of the size of your garden.

Improving Hydroponic Grow Rooms Yield Using Climate Control

Any grower knows that the climate you grow in will effect the quality and yield of the crop you produce. This is even more true of an indoor hydroponic garden than in outdoor plots and farms. Most plants benefit from an even temperate environment, a consistent and fresh supply of air and plenty of light.

By making sure that your hydroponic garden doesn't get too hot, too moist or run out of fresh air, you can help to produce heavy yielding, healthier plants and crops from your indoor growing space. Our equipment is design to do just that, reliably improving the conditions of your soil, hydroponic or aeroponic grow room crop after crop.